how hot is it there??? here it’s like almost 90 i want to die

yeah like around 90 but i was on the couch and i had a blanket on me like a dingus bc i cant lay down without a blanket 

same i just sit on them in the summer though and F*RICK P.E. everybody’s gotta do it but it sucks but at least when i was in high school the last 2 years we got to pick what sports we wanted to do 

this is unbelievable over the past 3 days i have encountered two shiny pokemon randomly while training in the grass…??????  i have been playing these games for years and this is the first time this has ever happened to me and its happened twice now whats happening

tomorrow is supposed to be 90 degrees and so i’ve already decided i’m not going outside unless there is a real emergency but it has to be a good one because F*UCK THAT i can’t wait for summer to be over