Ok here it goes my 15 favorite things you asked for it poopiemcpoop

1. When you think you look like crap and then you see yourself in the mirror and realize you don’t look that bad

2. Smiling dogs

3. Opening a new record

4. When my metro card swipes through the first time

5. When you’re at a store and you really like a piece of clothing and they only have one left in your size and it fits

6. Knowing you’re going to love a new song when you read the title or artist name and listening to it and you really do love it

7. Being in the front row for your favorite band

8. When somebody you don’t talk to very often texts you because they saw something and thought of you

9. Lemons

10. Bread

11. People who play pokemon. Seriously some of the nicest and most generous people I’ve met online.

12. Shake shack

13. T-shirts that always fit well

14. Sonic boom going fast

15. Talking about PB on tumblr.com